Upon request, we would be pleased to send to subscribers abroad the English numbers of Mark Twain Studies, published every three years. Enclose an International Postal Money Order for US $23.00 (including $3.00 of international shipping fee) per copy with a letter with your name, postal address, and the number of copies you need appearing on it, and mail it to the address below. International Postal Money Orders are obtained at a main post office. Please note we accept only International Postal Money Orders, and do NOT accept domestic postal money orders (colored green in U.S.) or personal checks.

For details, please contact the following:
The Japan Mark Twain Society
c/o KUBO Takuya 
College of Human and Social Sciences, 
School of Teacher Education, 
Kanazawa University,Kakuma, Kanazawa, 
Ishikawa 920-1192 JAPAN